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Sell anything

No matter if you sell real products, digital downloads, your time, accommodation or subscriptions, your store is enabled to sell it.

Drag and drop builder

Both our theme and email designer have an easy to use visual builder, and can be styled the way your brand needs.

Sales funnels

Set up sales funnels with single-page checkouts, order bumps, one-click upsales, and one-time offers.

Landing pages, blog, and more

Build anything that is possible to build in WordPress (pretty much anything). Need a landing page to generate leads? No problem. Need a blog? It’s already there. Missing something? Thousands of plugins available.

Split testing

You can test with statistical significance how different variations of your building blocks affect conversions. Because it is integrated in our theme, you don’t need to create multiple pages, and the users won’t see any changes in the URL.

Email marketing automation

Automate your email marketing using personal and behavioural data about your customers. For example you can send an email with a coupon after 30 days of the last purchase, but only if the customer didn’t purchase a product in an specific category. Any complex if/else rule is possible.

Abandoned cart recovery

More than 60% of shoppers that start the checkout process don’t finish it. That’s a lot of lost opportunity, and we have developed a solution that brings it back to you.

Close deals

Move leads and customers from one stage to another as you work towards your goal with the integrated CRM.

Membership sites

Restrict pages or products, reward members with special discounts, create courses, drip content, test your students, and even award completion certificates with our complete and integrated membership and LMS system.

Facebook Ads ready

Being one of the favourite places for sellers to bring traffic to their shops, it is crucial to have an advanced integration with the Facebook Pixel to allow you to track and target accurately your campaigns.

SEO and analytics

Your site will get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, that help you rank high in search results, with easy integration of Google Analytics and Search Console so you can know everything about your visitors.

Be international

With support for multiple languages and multiple currencies, the world is your oyster. Configure each language with different settings, manually set each product with different prices for each currency, or regularly updated by the current exchange rate, with optional markup.

Mobile optimised

Your site not only is optimised for mobile displays with our responsive design, but also optimised for mobile speed by implementing the Google AMP Project (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Lighting speed

Decreasing your page loading time can increase conversions, so we use different layers of caching to show your pages quickly, a global CDN that puts them closer to your visitors, and the latest technologies to make your site as fast as possible.

Security and protection

Your store will be isolated from other stores to ensure system stability, and be SSL enabled for free by default. Our distributed network provides protection against threats ranging from malicious requests like comment spam and excessive bot crawling, to attacks like SQL injection and denial of service (DDoS).

Managed for you

We update your infrastructure and extensions for you after making sure everything will work perfectly, so you can focus on getting sales.

Automated backups

We make backups of all your files and database, daily for a week, and weekly for a month. So if you crew up something we are able to brick back your site to how it was before the disaster.

No extra costs

Setting up your store as you want it usually involves adding services and shop extensions that increase considerably your costs. With us everything is included.

Grows with you

It doesn’t matter how many products you have, how many sales you made, or what features you use. Pay only for resource usage, based on storage used, bandwidth needed, and, optionally, number of email contacts in your list. So if your store is small and uses little resources, you pay less, and you only pay more as you grow. That’s just fair.

One bill

You don’t need to make payments to different provider for your domain registration, web hosting, email marketing, and a few extra providers for integration apps and extensions. You just need to pay one bill from us.

No more decision fatigue

Forget selecting providers or additional extensions to make your store powerful. We have done it for you. And if you discover that something doesn’t meet your needs, you can always change it.

In the shoulders of giants

We are basing our system on leading brands like WooCommerce, Stripe, ActiveCampaign or CloudFlare, so you can be rest assured that is being used and tested worldwide.

Open source platform

Do you have a custom need? You can just build it! We are based on open source software that allows you to extend your store regardless how custom is your need.

Eating our own dog food

Is there anything missing? Do you have suggestions? Since we use our products for our own stores, we are the first ones interested in making it better. Just contact us and we will see what we can do.